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Tips to reset ‘waste ink’ error on Epson Printer

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Epson printer uses a waste ink tank for carrying the ink used during print-head cleaning or charging. When you will replace an ink cartridge, just enter the "clean print-head" button, or you can turn your printer off or on. This way an amount of ink will be pumped out of and goes into the waste tank. The error generally comes when the waste ink gets completely full.
For resetting the ‘waste ink’ error on Epson printer you have to download a reset program. It will reset the printer counters back to 0 and the printing machine can be used for printing purposes. Along with this, in case you have older Epson, you will get free reset utility at ssclg.com/epsone.shtml.
Here is the method of how to use SSC reset utility for Epson printers and also find instant help through 24/7 Epson Customer Care Experts
• The SSC software is very simple to use.
• And after downloading the software, you need to install it in "program files".
• You need to make certain that the printer is connected to PC via parallel cable or USB and turn the printer on.
• Just after that, a new icon will appear on your desktop screen. You have to click it and a window will open.
• You need to choose a printer model from the lower drop-down menu.
• In case you have many printers installed on your PC, choose the one you have decided to use the software.
• After that you have to enter the "Ink monitor" tab.
• You need to click the "Refresh" button for checking that the software is communicating with the Epson printer ok.
• And it isn't, you will receive a message: "Printer not ready" on the screen. You can switch the Epson printer off & on again, try again.
• If the program is communicating, you can close the window. A new icon will appear in toolbar with the rainbow above it. You need to right-click it.
• Then after you have to left click the "protection counter", and choose" reset protection counter".
• On your screen, a dialog box will open with the question: "Have you replaced the ink pad?" You need to enter yes.
• If the reset will work, then you will get a message: "Waste counter was reset" or something similar to that.
• You have to go back and then enter click "protection counter" again, then "counter value".
• Finally, turn the Epson printer off for a few minutes. If the lights still flashes, then you have to turn it back on again.

Immediate assistance through Epson Technical Customer Service Numbercan be availed once getting linked with Epson experts.